Foundation President, Tom Silletto
Foundation Vice President, Irv Omtvedt
Foundation Secretary, Rich Ruby
Foundation Treasurer, Charles Lamphear
Board of Directors
Bob Orshek
Kay Lamphear
Steve Scheinost

The Foundation was formed in 1989 by several club members who felt that a Foundation would be beneficial to the financial security of the Capial City club. To obtain start-up funds, two basic memberships were established: LIFE MEMBERSHIP $100 and ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP $20. One of the founders, and the first Foundation president, John Hossack, left approximately $3,000 to the Foundation in his will. This money has been endowed and invested in a coporate note, with the accumulated interest to eventually be used for a project in John's honor.

Over the years, assets have grown, all of which is kept invested in secure interest earning securities. Most of the growth in assets has occurred from memorial gifts honoring deceased club members, family members, and friends. Several years ago a Youth Activities Endowment Fund was established for all non-designated gifts to the Foundation.

The Foundation maintains a BOOK OF MEMORY that recognizes all those who have been memorialized with gifts